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A Simple Way to Create Web Pages


These pages were created to introduce beginning Web Designers to HTML and to assist them in creating their first web site. Some of the information used in this site was taken from the text Creating Web Pages Simplified published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. This is a good, first primer for creating web pages. You can visit their web site at However, if you go through these pages before buying the book, you should be able to step up to Sams Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours.

You can go through the lesson from start to finish by beginning with Things to Consider and then clicking on the link at the bottom of each of the pages. You may also skip around by clicking the links of your choice in any order.

Table of Contents

Things to Consider Some things to think about when considering a web page.

Getting Started Planning as an aid to web creation.

Web Site Content Some standards for good web site content.

Organization Ways to organize your information on the web.

The Home Page Things to include on the home page.

Layout A look at types of layout used on web pages.

Intro to HTML Gaining an understanding of HTML.

Creating HTML Documents First steps in creating a web document.

Some Simple Tags Simple HTML tags introduced.

More Tags A  more detailed look at tags.

Adding Images Adding images to your web pages.

Creating Hyperlinks Adding links to your web pages.

Working with Tables A look at how tables can help create neat and orderly web pages.

Your First Site Follow these steps to create a simple web site.

Publishing Your Site How to put your site on the Web for everyone to see.

In Conclusion Summing up and looking forward.


Things to Consider 

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