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A Simple Way to Create Web Pages

Creating HTML Documents

You do not need a connection to the Internet to create HTML documents or to view the pages that you have created. You do need a simple text editing program to create the pages and a web browser to view the pages. Note Pad will do for the text editor and I recommend Internet Explorer for viewing the pages. It integrates easily with Note Pad. As you become more experienced in working with HTML, you might want to consider purchasing Note Tab Pro. This program works like Note Tab but was specially designed to display HTML code in blue, links in red, and the text which appears on the web page in black making it much easier to read code.

Set up a Document

To begin, you need to open your text editing program. In Windows, this text editor is called Notepad. You will find it by clicking on Start/ Programs/Accessories/ Notepad. You are going to create a file that contains the basic HTML tags you need for every document. The first thing to do in Notepad is to save the file. Name this file basic.htm if you are using Windows. You must type the period and htm after the file name. Once it is named, click on save. Be sure you know where you have saved the file. It is wise to create a directory for all of your web pages and save each web site in its own directory within that directory. For example, I created a directory called Web Pages and keep all of my web sites in it, each within its own directory.

Naming Files

When naming your files, it is a good idea to use only lowercase letters when naming files. Some platforms are case sensitive. If you get in the habit of using only lowercase file names and typing your HTML code in lowercase, then you shouldn't run into any unforeseen problems when viewing your pages on the World Wide Web. Remember that I said HTML isn't case senstive; however, some servers are case sensitive. If you type capital letters for a lower case file name, some platforms will give a "file not found" error because they can't recognize the name in a different case.

Add the Basic Tags

At the very top of the document you just saved, type

Hit enter and type
Hit enter again. Type
hit enter and type
Next, type
and hit enter five or six times and type
enter once and type
These basic tags are required in every HTML document that you create. Save this file.

Basic Tags Explained

The tag <html> belongs at the beginning of every document and tells the computer what kind of document it is. It requires the ending tag </html> which goes at the very end of the document. Every document requires the <head> </head> tags. The <title> tag displays the title of the document at the very uppermost part of the Web browser. The proper sequence is <title>This is the title</title>. The <body> tag indicates the beginning of the body of the document and when the body is complete, you must have the </body> tag. Your page should look something like this:






Begin Adding Text

Type these words between the body tags in your file:

This is my first try at creating a web page. I will do my best to do good work. I am going to learn many new things before we are through. I will create an entire web site!

You must type your text between the body tags. The text may scroll off the page to the right. If you are using Note Pad, choose Edit and click on Word Wrap to wrap the text to the next line (this is for ease of viewing only - it doesn't affect the formatting of the text when viewed in a browser). Do not attempt to format the text. After you have typed this text, click on File/Save as. You are going to save this file with a different file name. Save it with the name index.htm. Most all opening pages on a web site have the name index.htm. Most all servers know that index.htm is the home page and will open that page when the site is accessed.

View Your Work

Now that you have typed some text between the body tags and you have saved your work, you need to view your page in a Web Browser to see what it will look like on the web. Open Internet Explorer. Click on File/Open. Then click on Browse and find the file that you saved in Notepad. It should be named index.htm. Click on it, then click on Okay. You should see the words you typed in your Browser window. Notice that the text continues across the page even though you may have used your enter key to start text on a new line. When you are using HTML to create web pages, you must specify directions for displaying your text. This is done through the use of HTML tags.

Intro to HTML    Some Simple Tags

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