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A Simple Way to Create Web Pages

Web Site Content

The content on your web site should be put together carefully. It should be appealing and interesting to a large group of people. Follow these tips for good Site Content:

Useful Content

Always include valuable information on every page. Even the simplest pages should contain useful information. This will keep visitors coming back to your site.

Provide General Information

Provide general background information even when your site is aimed at a specific audience. This will allow all site visitors to understand the content of your web site.

Avoid Specific Instructions

Do not give specific computer or program instructions unless your site is aimed at a specific computer or browser user. People use a variety of different computers and programs. Providing specific instructions for downloading files, book marking or other such instructions can be frustrating for those people who won't be able to follow them.


Provide warnings if your site contains information which may be considered offensive by some readers. This will allow your visitors to view the warning and then decide if they want to view the contents.


Always proofread your site for spelling, grammatical and technical errors. Errors will degrade your site and some visitors will leave a site when they encounter errors.

Update Frequently

Make regular changes to your site. Keep your information fresh and you will keep your visitors coming back. Regular changes always assist in keeping your site placed well with the search engines (more on search engines to come!).


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