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A Simple Way to Create Web Pages

Things to Consider

Before you create your first web page, you should consider the following: 

Web Browsers

There are several Web Browsers used to view pages on the World Wide Web. The two most popular ones are Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer. Both of these browsers will display web pages, the important difference is that Internet Explorer will allow you to edit the "source" of a web page easily. When you view the source of a page in Internet Explorer, it opens the source in note pad. When you view the source in Netscape Communicator, it uses its own program to view the source and it is not editable. You must save the file and then open it in note pad to edit it. Extra steps are needed to edit the source for pages viewed with Netscape Communicator. Both browsers are free. This author recommends that you have a copy of both on your computer. That way, you can view your pages in both versions to see how they will display for your readers.

Snapshot of Netscape Navigator

Snapshot of Internet Explorer

Reasons for Publishing Web Pages

There are many reasons for publishing on the Web. Millions of people can view your pages over the Web. Some of the reasons for publishing on the Web are to:

  • Display your resume
  • Present information
  • Display your favorite pictures
  • Teach a new skill
  • Have fun
  • Advertise and promote your business
  • Sell products
  • Provide technical support
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Promote an organization
  • Share hobbies
  • Share knowledge
  • Create fan clubs
  • Entertain your readers

Your Audience

One thing is for sure, before you publish, you should know your audience.  Who is going to read your pages? You can design your pages for a specific audience or for the general public. Use these statistics to help you design for the general public:

  • The average age of web users is 33 years
  • 68% of the web users are men
  • The average income for web users is $59,000
  • 88% of web users are native English speakers
  • 57% of people who use the web have completed college
  • The two most popular reasons for using the web are entertainment and work


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