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A Simple Way to Create Web Pages

In Conclusion

There is new technology being created every day. Dynamic web pages with interactive content and Flash presentations are currently all the rave. Remember, fancier is not necessarily better. If you create a simple, professional looking, informational or purposeful site which appeals to your intended audience without implementation of the latest technology, you are further ahead of the game. Remember your goal and target audience when designing your site. If your simple site achieves your purpose, then you have been successful. Many people still have modem connections which are slower than cable, DSL and satellite connections. Fancy may look nice, but it takes longer to load; therefore, visitors may leave before they ever see the site. Simple and attractive can achieve results because visitors don't have to wait to view the pages.

There is lots more information about building web sites and more design elements that you can add. For further information, just use any search engine and type in the key words "free html tutorial" or something similar. You will discover many sites with free tutorials, tips and hints for creating web pages.

Good Luck!!


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