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About Submitting Your Site

Submission Links to Major Search Engines

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Before you submit your site to any of the search engines, try to determine if your site is already listed. Go to the individual search engine's home page and do a search for your domain name. Try searching for it with and without the ".com". Also try searching on some of your major key words. If your site is already listed with a search engine, then there is no need to re-submit your site. If your site has been recently revised or update, then go ahead and submit your site even it is listed with the search engine. This will prompt the spiders to crawl your site and find your new information.

It is highly recommended that you only submit your home page to the search engines. Usually this URL looks like this: The search engines will index the other pages of your web site when their spiders crawl your site following the links from your home page.

For the top search engines, do not leave the submission process to automated programs and services. The major search engines are too important and the automated services sometimes do it wrong. Automatic submission tools (software or web based) are extremely useful and timesaving when it comes to submitting your site to several hundred search engines and directories. By all means, use them. But make sure that you do not use them for Infoseek and AltaVista if you are submitting more than just one page. These two engines have high-speed submission detection that can get your submitted page penalized. How this works is that they watch for more than one submission per, say, 30 minutes from any one site. So if you submit two pages from your site to Infoseek or AltaVista in less than 30 minutes, they may drop you.

On the other hand, you should use these tools and get yourself listed on as many places on the web as possible - directories, search engines, free-for-all link pages,, etc. It is very important, especially for Infoseek rankings, that you have as many incoming links into your site from other sites as possible, especially from larger sites such as Yahoo and

Submit your home page to all the search engines and directories you can find, not just Excite, Lycos, AltaVista, Infoseek, Northern Light, and HotBot! All engines count, although these 6 represent the bulk of the Net. All your pages will be indexed by all the engines once they come crawling your site. The best way to submit to the other engines is through a good automatic submission tool since this will get you submitted to about 1000 smaller search engines and directories very fast. You may find one that you like by visiting Note: Using automated submission tools and sites to submit your URL to search engines will generate a large amount of junk email. Be prepared to have you inbox filled with junk mail. In fact, you may want to sign up for a free email at Yahoo, MSN or some other free email service so you can use this email address when using automated submissions.

The best way to get into Lycos is to submit your site to Lycos as usual AND submit to, the Open Directory Project that Lycos and many other engines use as a source of results on certain searches. Lycos also uses the FAST engine for some of its results so you should also submit your site to the FAST engine (at

Several search engines such as HotBot and Lycos use DirectHit and the Open Directory Project as a major source of their search results. It has been found advantageous, for this reason, to also submit your site directly to DirectHit at as this gets you a better position much faster because DirectHit updates its engine much more timely than the engines that use it such as Lycos and Hotbot. You should also submit to, the Open Directory Project, as this is the only way to get into certain results served by an increasing number of search engines (over 20 major search engines and directories use it). LookSmart is also being used by a very large number of search engines and directories so be sure to submit there too at

It can take up to a month to two months for your site to appear in a search engine. The bad news is, some search engines may not list every page from your site, partly because they are unable to grow as fast as the Internet is growing. There really isn't anything you can do to force them to index your missed pages except submit them again and hope that they are indexed. If you are not listed in the search engines, you should submit your URL about every 2-4 weeks.

So, now that you have read all of this, are you ready to begin submitting? If so, click on the name of a search engine on the left. The search engine's submission page will open in this window. Follow the directions at each search engine's site to submit your URL. GOOD LUCK!

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Disclaimer: This information is meant to be used as a guide to search engine submissions. Implementation of these guidelines is at the site owners'/webmasters' discretion. Computer Infotech® is not responsible for any losses incurred through an individual's use of this information, including, but not limited to, loss or decreased search engine placement or a site's removal from a search engine, loss of web traffic, and/or loss of sales.