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"Is Your Website Making You Money?"

Did you invest in a website only to reap little or no return on your investment?

In order to keep up in today's high tech world, it's important to have a website. But what's the point if it isn't making you money?

You want a website that:

  • Gets listed in the search engines so your customers can find your website in their search results,
  • Is professional and easy to navigate to keep visitors on your pages and coming back to your site,
  • Makes your products and services readily available to visitors to increase your number of customers and sales, and
  • Makes You Money!
At Computer Infotech®, we understand the importance of getting the most for your advertising dollar. That is why we believe that if you have a website, it should be making you money. After all, you invested good money and time in having one designed. It's attractive and contains important information and products for your customers, but if they can't find your website in the search engines, they can't buy your products and services.

People are impulse buyers and once they are at your site, they should be able to get your products and services NOW. Otherwise, the moment of instant gratification is gone and your sale is lost. Adding an online shopping cart or checkout system to your website can improve your sales and your profits.

At Computer Infotech®, we have been creating and maintaining websites for small business owners for six years. By adjusting keywords, titles and metatags, we have been able to improve our customers' website listings in the search engines so their sites come up within the first three pages of search results. By adding shopping carts and online checkout systems to our customers existing websites we have improved web sales for some up to 60%. Some of the sites that we have created from scratch provide our customers with 80% of their sales leads.

If you want your website to Make You Money, then contact Computer Infotech® today. We work quickly and efficiently to edit your site so it gets listed in the search engines and is customer friendly to provide you with sales leads. This Makes You More Money from your website.

Hurry! For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Analysis of your web site just for contacting us. We will go over your site and describe in detail how we can improve it so it Makes You Money. ACT NOW, DON'T DELAY! Your new customer is one click away!

This offer expires March 31, 2005. You are under no obligation once you contact us. We will take your name, number, email address and website URL. We will provide you a written analysis of your website based on solid research. This is a risk free offer and is totally FREE. Go to the contact page now.

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